*waking up from a coma* “how many followers do I have”

michael jackson + silhouette


i want kids but im scared they’ll blame me if theyre ugly

hace 1 semana via moistpits ( source suspend ) with 313 308 notas


me accepting compliments

  • "omg thank you"
  • "aw thank you"
  • "omg ily"
  • "ily omg"
  • "aw thank you omg ily"


"When we worked together on Bad, I was in awe of his absolute mastery of movement on the one hand, and of the music on the other. Every step he took was absolutely precise and fluid at the same time. It was like watching quicksilver in motion."  - Film director Martin Scorsese


You are the bright star shining above us. Happy Birthday Michael Jackson.


…”It’s an adventure. It’s a great adventure. We want to take them places that they’ve never been before. We want to show them talent like they’ve never seen before…” Michael Jackson

Brunei - July 16th, 1996.

… “If you smile with your fear and sorrow;

Smile and maybe tomorrow;

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile,

If you just…”